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Featured Recipe

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About Us

Charlotte and Doug WolcottThree generations of Wolcotts have made maple syrup. Douglas Wolcott worked with his father, Basil Wolcott, as a young man in Wethersfield, New York, to produce this delicious syrup. Now the Wolcott family is involved in syrup production throughout the year. Douglas Wolcott is also a distributor for “Maple Pro Waterloo/Small USA Equipment”.

Wolcott Maple processing incorporates the latest technology available in the maple industry by using a “reverse osmosis” process to extract and purify the sap as it is turned into maple syrup. We have a large maple operation with about 8,000 taps around 100 acres of steep hillside maple trees. Most of the sap is collected by a network of plastic tubing using gravity flow to collect into one of our holding tanks. The tanks are then trucked to our sugarhouse. Using a reverse osmosis technique, we create a highly concentrated sap that flows through an ultra violet light to eliminate the bacteria. The sap then goes into our large evaporator where it is boiled to the proper density, filtered with a mechanical filter press then bottled ready for the table. 

Little girl sapping treeLittle girl sapping treeWe specialize and custom-make corporate and personal gift baskets using our “Pride of New York” Pure Maple Syrup products. These baskets make unique gifts and will impress and delight business associates, clients, relatives and people who enjoy the finer things in life.

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