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Making sugar candyMaking sugar candyOur maple trees are tapped around the second week of February by drilling a small hole into a tree. We drill one to three taps depending on the size of the maple tree. A spout is then put into the tap hole with plastic tubing attached. Sap is channeled through the tubing into one of our 4000-gallon tanks to be taken to our sugarhouse and processed.

A reverse osmosis technique is used to concentrate the sap. This process reduces cost for fuel and makes a better quality maple syrup. The sap is then boiled in our 5 x 16 evaporator, which produces the maple flavor and amber color. It takes about 50 gallons of sap to make 1 gallon of maple syrup. As sap moves through the evaporator, the sugar concentration increases from 2% to around 66% when it is drawn off the syrup pans. The syrup is then filtered and stored in airtight barrels to preserve its quality and freshness.

We package our maple syrup by re-heating and filtering the syrup then pouring it into various size containers for retail sale. Maple syrup containers vary from plastic, to coated tin, to glass. We have fancy glass and decorative containers available for regular use and wonderful gifts.

Maple barrels Collecting Sap Maple sugar candy

Wolcott Maple also produces Maple Sugar (candy), Granulated Sugar and Maple Cream. These products are pure maple syrup and made by heating the syrup to a higher temperature and aggressively stirring. This process concentrates the sugar even further making these treats delightfully sweet. All NY maple syrup is classified by color from almost clear (light amber) to dark amber or extra dark. All contain the same amount of sugar. The color relates to the intensity of flavor. Some people enjoy the light colored and delicate flavored light amber, while most prefer medium with a slightly stronger flavor. The darker more robust dark amber or extra dark syrup has the most intense maple flavor and is used for cooking.

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