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Featured Recipe

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Recipes & Food Suggestions

Pure Maple syrup has a unique and distinctive flavor that defies imagination! Enjoy maple syrup on a variety of foods to add that extra zip!

Try maple with the following foods...

Pancakes • Waffles • French Toast • Biscuits • Muffins • Oatmeal • Yogurt • Ice Cream • Tea • Milk • Citrus Fruits : grapefruit, apples, pears, grapes & blueberries • Glazing ham & roast pork • Root Vegetables: carrots, beets & turnips • Corn Fritters • Baked Beans • Use as a sweetener, glaze, sauce, filling or frosting!

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Maple Dessert Recipes

Preparation Notes

• When using Maple Syrup for its sweetness: 1-1/2 cups Maple Syrup = 1 cup of other sugars
• When using all Maple Syrup, reduce the other liquids in the recipe by 1/2 Maple Syrup, reduce other liquids by 1/4.

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